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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Restroom advertising.

Restroom advertising@senang cite iklan kt toilet.Korang penah tgk tak dorg letak papan iklan kt pintu toilet?So,masa buat 'keje' blh la baca iklan2 tu.

Aku 1st time tgk masa g toilet kt Jusco Equine smlm,rasa pelik tp org yg come out with the idea is brilliant.Sebab masa kita duk kt toilet tu,mmg xtau nak buat pe,so fokus baca iklan tu je la...he3. Indoor Advertising Media Sdn. Bhd(IAM) adalah antara company yg buat iklan2 mcm ni(tau pun sbb tgk kt toilet smlm).Kt bawah ni antara kelebihan Restroom add.Aku copy dari IAM website.

Ada sapa yg berminat nak letak add kt toilet/restroom???he3.

What are the benefits?

In advertising world, there are many form of advertising such as newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, billboard, mobile and etc. However, using one form of media is never really recommended by advertising agencies or other expert in advertising field. With Indoor advertising, the bonus to it is:-

Low Cost –Comparing to other media, IAM Restroom advertising is at the lowest cost comparing to other media in many ways. With as low as RM50/Ads, everyone can advertise efficiently. In our estimate, Cost/OTC = RM0.02, Cost/Estimate view = RM0.03 and Cost/Minute view = RM0.01.

High Traffic - According to IPBF, average visit to the restroom for each person is up to 8 times per day. For certain venue such as club and pub, average visit each person can go up to 3 times per day. With any budget, restroom advertising can reach the highest traffic compare to other type of media.

Target your Audience and save money – Targeting the wrong audience for your advertisement is a waste to your company. Indoor advertising media allows advertiser to effectively penetrate into their target audience. IAM Restroom advertising allows effective targeting by age, gender, income-level and lifestyle which most of the traditional media could not accomplish this. This media could also reach the untapped demographic especially those with active lifestyle and are difficult to be targeted by traditional advertising media.

Difficult to ignore – All the ads are strategically place where it is virtually impossible to ignore. There is no remote control, no flipping pages and nowhere else to look. Not to forget, it’s actually a liability to turn around in the washroom. IAM Restroom advertising delivers audiences missed by broadcast and print

Relieves an otherwise boring situation - People tend to find something to read in a boring situation and there is nothing else to look at but at your beautiful ads. This will make them to remember longer about you ads. Your target audience will read, enjoy, and even welcome your advertising.

Captive audience – Think for a second, how long is your visit in the washroom each time? Studies shows on average person spend about 1 to 4 minutes in the washroom. IAM Restroom advertising could capture their attention far longer than any other advertising media and there will be no distraction and interruption during the period.

High recall rate – Since viewer have undivided attention at extended period of time in the washroom and other indirect factor, our ads will be remembered for days even weeks especially if they go to washroom several times. According to survey by Barbour & Monroe, 88% of viewer recalled at least four selling points in the restroom advertising ads. This makes indoor advertising the highest recall rate compared to any other advertising media.

Strong impression Not only IAM Restroom advertising has a high recall rate but also strong impression towards the advertisement. One study conducted by Rice University showed that public restroom users who viewed restroom advertising had, on average, a 40% stronger impression of the ad in the restroom compared with ads from other media.

It’s new and old at the same time - Using new and innovative products that are the ways you separate yourself form the competition, a key differentiation. With indoor billboard advertising you can get creative and create a one of a kind message moment. On top of that, this media is old and at the same time is new to Malaysia. Not many ads can be seen in the restroom in Malaysia and people are constantly looking for something new that’s attractive to them.

Less competition – There are only few ads you share in IAM Restroom advertising board compare to the clutter in newspaper and magazines. Other advertising media such as outdoor billboard or mobile ads are diluted with other board, traffic and telephone.

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